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2012 Year in Review

Blog Content

2012 Year in Review

Nicole Emery

Photo from here

How can you ever truly do a year in review?  This was my year of going deep.  Many difficult experiences came up this year along with some pleasant surprises.  Most of the challenges I set for myself were met head on.  Clarity played a big role in this.  There was certainly a long list of great people in my life that helped me achieve the position I'm in now.  For all of you I am foreverthankful.

The Challenges:

  • Being true to who I am
  • Navigating a sex discrimination issue
  • Undoing a difficult crush I had on a guy
  • Straddling two worlds is HARD (US and Netherlands)
  • Moving overseas
  • Homesickness
  • Finding my confidence and self worth
  • Finishing 1,270 totes
  • Completing my reading challenge
  • Facing truths about my weaknesses
  • Several bad dates
  • Creating my life on new terms
  • A badly negotiated contract by me
  • A big oops with a newsletter
  • One bad night out that changed everything
  • Nearly losing my mother

The Successes:

  • Finding a new connection with art
  • Started the journey to become a certified Soul Art Guide
  • Claiming my Souljob: Master Imagineer (still love this title)
  • Started dating again
  • Experienced a huge release with an ex-boyfriend that required me to forgive (it was a lot easier to do than I thought)
  • Completed reading 25 books this year
  • Landed a job in the Netherlands
  • Learned some new Dutch vocabulary
  • Sold off all my things
  • Took an amazing 6500+ mile road trip down highway one and across the US to visit friends and family
  • Made a bunch of new friends
  • The bad night out that changed everything allowed me to discover my confidence and self worth
  • Moved overseas to find out I have the best friends and family ever!!
  • The bad dates taught me what my values are, what I want, and how to walk away
  • Being comfortable with standing out in a crowd
  • Mom is still here with us alive and well
  • Understanding I own my destiny
  • Lost enough weight that it required me to buy a new wardrobe twice!
  • Found my courage, confidence, self worth, inner beauty, strength and center
  • Completed Energy Painting that were overdue (here and here)
  • Opened my Etsy store
  • Actually enjoying physical activity (I found a benefit of it)
  • Regular glimpses of the Soulmate
  • Intuition/guidance is stronger as a result of all the struggles and successes

That is a lot for one year!

The depths reached in 2012 emotionally were moments to remember.  A lot of things were healed as a result of it.  The biggest one was learning how to forgive others; especially an ex-boyfriend.  That moment was the finally key to receiving the blessing to bring in my Soulmate.  There are a few others I need to work on with the forgiveness factor.  In time it will happen.  That I do have faith in.  Learning how to trust my inner guidance was also a big one too.  It brought me into some moments that could have never before been imagined.  The relationship with Spirit grew as a result of it.  The even more fabulous thing is I found I'm actually attractive.  It was my first time discovering my inner and outer beauty.  This may sound vane or shallow, but seriously since coming to the Netherlands I've had more opportunities to date than ever before.  Not sure what changed between the US and the Netherlands.  A mystery that will never get solved.

My body has also changed in a good way too.  Since giving up my car in favor of walking or biking everywhere I've found it a good way to release stress.  Part of the reason is because the physical activity is a natural part of my day.  When it has to be planned out it never works out as well.  Although, if I were to ever get a car again I will look into ways to keep my activity level much higher.  It truly has helped ease my stress levels.

After the 2012 year I've had I haven't a clue what is in store for me in 2013.  Sitting under the reflection tree of 2012 I can say overall I've come a long way.  It certainly was a colorful year filled with many different outcomes. For now I'll enjoy the view from here for a bit longer.

At last 2012 is complete.