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50 State Review

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50 State Review

Nicole Emery

Photo from Everything is History

This month is dedicated to reflections of 2011 Manifesting Experiments.  First up is the 50 State Review.

Since Chapter Nine of Your Heart's Desire is all about testing to see if I've missed any details it is only appropriate to review the progress chapter by chapter.

If my Heart's Desire of completing the 50 State project is true, then...

Chapter One: "you focus on it clearly" - no problem there.  This was a clearly defined project from the beginning.  Sharp. Crisp.  And, heartfelt.  This is a true heart's desire.  With four states left to visit at the beginning of the project it was easy for the attention and intention to work in unison to complete the project this year. 

Chapter Two: "gain the support of your subconscious mind" - Without a doubt my conscious and subconscious minds are in agreement with this desire.

Chapter Three: "begin to imagine you desire in great detail" - As the intention to complete this project was brought forward so were the creative details on how to achieve it.  Inspiration struck with this exercise on a fun way to visit AL, MS, and LA by way of a college football tour.  Then, the second inspiration came for visiting AK - road trip!  It was these creative details that are bringing the desire into reality.

Chapter Four: "your conscious mind clears the way to embracing it" - Again, the building of this desire came with creative ideas on how to achieve it.  It was challenging to from a time and financial point of view to fit the desire into my life.  The obstacles were removed by breaking it out into manageable pieces.  In a manageable size it was easier to build my life around the desire. 

Chapter Five: "recognize inner guidance" - I believe it is from this knowing (intuitive guidance) that the partnership with the Universe was solidified on this project.  Trusting the fun ideas as a way of experiencing this project was truly in my highest good.  Eb and flow. At times I had to be flexible with how this was to be achieved.  For instance, my trip to Alaska has been postponed by about four weeks.  There were certain life things that had to be taken care of first.  The delay ended up bringing more support than originally expected.  Gut feelings are for a reason. :)

Chapter Six: "you make enthusiastic and supportive choices" - This is the 'how' of the desire.  Choosing from either a place of love or fear.  This project has been full of exciting choices.  Making the decision on how to visit the remain states was a creative endeavor beyond expectation.  The support from family, friends and coworkers has been amazing on this path.  Many times I've been told my enthusiasm is contagious when I talk about this.  That feedback certainly reflects how I feel about the path to achieving - made from a place of love, and not fear.

Chapter Seven: "faith in the outcome naturally takes over: - Faith has certainly made an appearance for this project.  Stepping out of the way and letting the Universe line things up was a fun experience.  It was like opening the doors to your favorite store for an exclusive peek at the merchandise.  Not only do you get to take peek, but you get to select the items you want.  The cost for these items is your faith that they will appear at some point in your life.  I've never lost faith that I would complete this project, but I have doubted the when and how.  Alaska has thrown me a bit in terms of planning.  However, that has worked itself out for the best.  The delay is making more sense to me.

Chapter Eight: "you begin to build the dream with words" - Words with meaning is what comes forward.  For some reason it is easier to talk about this project than the other three.  My words have so much power behind them when it comes to the 50 State project.  If you could hear me say, "Alaska is my last state to visit before I can say I've been to all 50 states.  And, I'll be visiting that one by way of a road trip."  There is so much confidence behind those words.  It is the very core of me coming through in that moment.  Without a doubt this project will be fully realized.

Chapter Nine: "entering into a process to check your work, to collect all the pieces and fit them together" - This post is the check for making sure all the pieces come together.  Some magical things have come forward in the last couple of weeks for this project to be real.  Things that never even entered my mind as options.  This is one project that keeps amazing me each step that is taken.  Everything is lining up and fitting together quite nicely.

I have to admit, when compared to the other experiments, this one is the easiest to line up with the principles described in the book.  Everything did build upon each other.  Doubt only entered my mind recently for circumstances beyond my control.  It was a good test for me to pause, reflect, and reevaluate the outcome.  It had a chance to bring forward a new source of support.  Overall, a good lesson in manifesting.