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Being Stuck

Blog Content

Being Stuck

Nicole Emery

The picture above truly does illustrate exactly how I've felt about a lot of things - stuck in the middle to two place, not exactly sure what to do next, and wondering how long until the bottom falls out.  That can be a bit taxing on the nerves.  What is chosen for the next action is the most important step.  The only thing I've found to bring about a breakthrough is to sit with feeling stuck rather than fighting it.  Some great inspiration has always come forward from that action.

This is definitely not a new concept.  How many of you have sat in the bathroom taking care of business and were suddenly inspired?  Or what about being stuck in traffic?  As soon as the gear shift is put in park your mind kicks into a space where a new perspective enters the view.  What about a tough project you are working.  Over and over you try to solve the problem yet nothing comes forward.  Once you decide to accept the situation and take a break - Boom!  Inspiration hits.  See, sitting with the feeling of being stuck isn't new; nor is the how to get unstuck part of it.  The key element for success is always believing the possibility exists to be unstuck.  Let life take over from there.

All this time of feeling stuck the belief in being unstuck was present.  Of course I wanted to control the how, when, where.  And, of course that didn't work either.  It only made the situations worse.  It wasn't until this weekend when the idea came, "Forget about this for a moment and have some fun" made an appearance.  So, that is exactly what I did - forgot about all the stuck feelings (including trying to write a blog post). 

The weekend went a bit something like this... laughing with new and old friends on Friday until the wee hours of the night.  Followed by all day Saturday adventures - morning hike with another friend and her dogs (the scenery was amazing!), coming home to create in my kitchen, then head off to the local Demolition Derby to watch another friend win his race, and lastly hanging out with more friends at a bonfire to enjoy good food, home brew, and more funny moments.  I was so filled up with feeling good that all my worries went away.  Hanging out with friends all weekend was the remedy to get the creative juices flowing again.  Yippee!

The best part of the weekend was being asked to come out one weekend this summer to race Powder Puff at the derby.  How awesome is that?  Now that will definitely be a creative adventure!  It feels good to be back into the swing of things and writing freely again.  Ahhh..... life is good.