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Birthing a New Life

Blog Content

Birthing a New Life

Nicole Emery

Photo from Yo Mama Yoga

All the struggles experienced during the last few years are centered on one concept - Birthing a New Life.  Not the literal meaning of "I'm pregnant and the baby's due date is...."  This is a metaphor something really big about to happen for me.  My efforts of recent times have been centered on letting everything go; including old stories. 

What I have come to understand with my decision to find a Souljob and Soulmate is a requirement to reach new heights.  Reach a place I have never been to before.  All that is allowed to be taken with me is my wisdom.  Nothing else.  The life I'm choosing to birth is a wild dream.  My actions support this decision.

This new life inside of me is patiently waiting for the courageous moment reveal itself.  For now it stays within me as a glimmer of hope.  Inspiring me to keep going through all the emotions and needs to work it through.  The ideas are slowly coming together.  What needs to be released are making themselves known day by day.  It is almost overwhelming to experience on a daily basis.  As this the next step unfolds I keep reminding myself this all worth it.  The new life within me is not exactly known.  Small sensations let me know it is there.  Getting ready to come onto the scene.  I breath in the excitement and exhale the fear.  In tandem with the Universe my way will be found.