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Blue Moon Birthday

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Blue Moon Birthday

Nicole Emery

Photo from here

Today is my special day.  Not only is it my birthday, but I get to have the special privilege of sharing it with the Blue Moon.

This occurrence of the Blue Moon and the birthday are special to me.  It is also a time in my life when I'm letting go of one phase of my life and transitioning into a new one.  Tonight I'm giving myself the gift of a Blue Moon ritual.

This ritual is about putting your intentions into motion.  In a way, making a wish.  This moment is truly "a once in a blue moon."

Cheers to a new year, new wishes, and letting Spirit weave the magical moments into my life.  They are all Divinely timed.

Wishing all of you a powerful Blue Moon.

I'm off to celebrate my Blue Moon Birthday with the Sage Goddess.  (She offers a Blue Moon Ritual that is worth checking out on this link.  It is free, lovely, and very worth your time.)

Wonder where the adventures will take me this year?  My guess is big juicy love!