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Chasing Butterflies

Blog Content

Chasing Butterflies

Nicole Emery

Where have I been since leaving the Netherlands?  Hmmm..... oh, yes... it started about seven months ago in early April at the beginning of a road trip.  I was leaving Detroit on southbound I-75, listening to 89X on the radio (technically a Canadian radio station), sipping on a Mint Condition from Caribou Coffee, and inspired by the caption on the coffee cup: "Life is diving in heart first."  An appropriate theme, and explanation, for chasing butterflies the last seven months. 

Summary of butterfly chasing moments:

  • Five road trips totaling nearly 10,000 miles
  • I moved twice. First from Detroit, MI to Lexington, KY. second from Lexington, KY to Detroit, MI
  • I turned 40
  • Was employed, then lost my job two months later unexpectedly
  • Met the head of the Hot Dog Mafia
  • Had brunch with Drag Queens
  • Painted Boss Ross style - lots of happy trees!
  • Crashed a wedding out West
  • Met up with countless friends and family (Seattle I haven't forgotten you!)
  • Lost a few friends and gained new friends
  • Filled six journals with writings, musings, and artwork and used up eight ink pens and three pencil leads in the process
  • Discovered countless quirky coffee shops around the USA
  • Met some people that helped me set the record straight on a few subjects
  • A brainstorming session that had me inspired for what is next in my life
  • Wrote an entire fairytale (considering getting it published)
  • My inner artist learned how to blush 50 shades of red
  • Took on a family tradition of sewing beaded stockings for the next generation of Emerys
  • Harley rides with Dad
  • Wine and coffee tasting with Mom
  • Saw the Eagles concert for free in Nashville, TN
  • Realized I need my family and they need me.... this is why the journey ends back in Detroit

It has been an eventful seven months to say the least.  Aside from chasing butterflies there were quite a few twists and turns along the way to deal with.  My road trip around the US in May/June was cut short due to a job offer.  When the offer came through I was in Ogden, UT and had 10 days to get back to Detroit, pack up, move to Lexington, and start a new job.  If I had known then how the Lexington experience was going to turn out I would have kept going to Seattle and into Canada to complete my adventure.  But, my crystal ball was not handy when I made the decision to accept the offer.  Now I'm left with the incomplete feeling of not visiting Seattle and Canada.  I still have my eye on making this happen soon!

Dealing with the job loss two months after starting and moving to Lexington was not an easy thing to deal with.  It has ultimately led to my decision to move back to the Detroit area.  Sometimes you have to get bounced around before you are finally pointed in the right direction.  Being with family is where I need to be.  However, after 10 years away from Michigan it is going to prove to be a bit challenging to adjust to.  I now understand how you can spot someone is from Michigan and all the jokes that go along with it.  Take alook at the photo to the left.  I'm sure you can already see how the integration process is taking shape.  Those from Michigan will see nothing wrong with it.  Everyone else will see someone from Michigan.  (Note: This photo was taken at a Predators vs LA Kings game in Nashville, TN.  It was a practice run for living in Michigan.)

Job hunting the second time around has proven to be even more adventurous than the first time.  It is much like dating.  There have been declared chases, then interest loss.  A great first date (interview), only to meet the family (in-person interview) and be disappointed with the marriage proposal (a 6 month contract instead of the direct hire position posted).  This chapter of my life seems to be providing lots of material for a book or a stand up comedy act!

Some of you have tried to get in touch with me and were left hanging.  I'm sorry for that.  Life happened. Priorities changed.  As the list above shows it has been a cram packed seven months.  Those that have been left hanging will get a response from me in the next week or two.


"Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country."
Anais Nin

At this point the 2013 path seems to have taken Urban Legend and made it reality for me.  No one can ever say I'm afraid to cast my dream net far and wide.  No matter what the net brings back I do make the best of the treasures in it.  Home base as of a week ago is now in the Detroit area.  I'll keep you posted on my adventures!

Part Two follow....