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Co-workers: Creatively Coping

Blog Content

Co-workers: Creatively Coping

Nicole Emery

The creative gifts for my even more generous Co-workers

The struggles of returning to a job that wasn't all that spectacular to begin with after three months of adventure in far off places can bring your positive outlook meter down quickly.  It has been a mixture of stepping into a time warp, shock, jolting, and lonely.  Desperately wondering how much more I can stand before I snap.  All the old coping strategies no longer work.  People's volumes increased to decibels that a mental mute button no longer work on.  All of this almost lead to me walking off the job last week.  Something had to change.  What do you do?

Inspiration hit..... Kids in the Hall - Head Crusher
"I'm squishing your head...."

After watching this little video of Head Crusher recovering from his attack I knew it was in me to come up with something creative for coping with difficult co-workers.  I've decided this Christmas Season I'll be rather generous with sending a select few co-workers on a one of a kind trip to help with their personal growth (at the very least be mentally far away from me) by way of my imagination.

Lets meet the lucky recipients.

  1. Mr Big - Mr Big gets to be boxed up in a crate provided by our company's shipping and receiving department and sent one way to the Amazon on a cargo plane.  He will live in the style he has been accustomed to with the Yanomamo tribe.  Fighting his way to the top in a new environment.  Lots of opportunity for personal growth.  Compliments of our company's miscellaneous charge fund.
  2. Mouth - Mouth has made several very bold statements regarding a strong dislike of babies, toddlers, or kids in general.  Mouth routinely bullies personnel.  This Christmas my gift to Mouth is a one way trip to somewhere very special.  This trip is to a remote childrens hospital/orphanage in Calcutta, India.  Prime duties will include being a nanny to rooms full of screaming newborn babies and performing mid-wife responsibilities if off time.  
  3. Grizzly Bear - Grizzly Bear has always dreamed of living alone in the mountains and hunting to his heart's content.  Claiming people bother him to no end.  My gift to him is a roundtrip package toManhattan, NY for a full private day at the spa!  He will get all the alone time by being one with natural things such as mud wraps, cucumber treatment, hot stone deep tissue massage and salt scrubs.  Because of his special client status he qualifies for the "Man-zilian" (waxing of the man parts) as a bonus.  After this fabulous day of beautifying Grizzly will then be escorted through the busy streets of Times Square for the scenic route to Vogue headquarters and an afternoon of fashion consulting.  he will be in the hands of highly qualified men's fashion consultants for a complete wardrobe makeover.  Right down to his skivvies and socks!  Priceless!!  The fun doesn't end there.  He gets to come back to the office and do a fashion runway show on the shop floor strutting his transformation. 

Now that is truly the Spirit of the Christmas Season!  Giving from the heart..... ;)  There you have it folks - my new coping strategy at work.  Since incorporating this technique life has become a lot more enjoyable at work!

Speaking of work.... the Souljob is on its way to becoming something far bigger than ever thought possible.  More to follow!