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Conversations with the Journal Fairy

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Conversations with the Journal Fairy

Nicole Emery

Laura Hollick as The Journal Fairy

A small sample of questions from my Journal Fairy:

"Who do you write for?  Is it for you or others?  What gives you joy and bliss?  The answer is easier than you think.  How do you clear your thoughts and connect to your heart?  Your heart and intuition have something really important to tell you.  What does it say?  Do you see the expectations that others have placed on you?  Take a look at your life with your own set of lenses.  What does it look like?  What is bright and shiny in your life?..."

Journal questions from the Journal Fairy (These questions came from Laura's blog post.)

  • What are the most exciting ideas you would like to explore this year?
    Finding that job that makes my heart sing.  Traveling to France for my friend's wedding.  Looking into what holds me back from finding my Soulmate.  Finishing what I started with projects.  Painting.  Painting some more. Drawing street scenes.  Sharing my art with others.  Then there are the ideas I'd like to share with the world, but am too shy about right now..... 
  • What would you like to stop doing this year?
    Stop being scared of my big dreams.  There are three really big dreams that can no longer be held back, but they are so big they frighten me to share with others.  More than anything it would be wonderful to stop grieving the loss of a few people in my life.  Holding onto those pains and disappointments stop me from opening the doors to the bigger part of my dreams.  It is time to stop holding onto them.  Stop holding onto the conventional way of living.  There is so much more to share on this subject.
  • What small changes would make the biggest difference in your life this year?
    Spending at least five minutes a day emotionally connecting to my dreams.  In my heart this small step is what keeps them alive and real.  Letting my imagination explore the many ways to pull it into being.  Uncensored.   
  • How would you know if you were living the life of your dreams?
    The only way it would be known is if it matched the feelings I experience in my daily five minute focus sessions.  There are small clues given to me in those moments that let me know what it would be.  When one dream comes to full fruition the next one shows up. 
  • Where could you invite more magic into your life?
    Hmmmm..... my current job.  While I work to get things ready for the next move and job having some magic in the current job will help make things much more enjoyable.  Then there are the other places magic is needed.... dating.... exploring.... grocery shopping... on and on...

Keep in mind the answers to the above questions are only small snippets of the full answers in my journal.  The answers to the above questions did surprise me.  Many pages were written in my journal about these topics. 

What did your Journal Fairy share with you?  Give it a try!