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Creativity Cleanse - Day 21

Nicole Emery

21 days ago I started a Creativity Cleanse to help bring some clarity into my life.  The journey to this point in time wasn't an easy one.  However, the end results have been a cherished reward - clarity, internal peace, and an emerging goddess.

Day 21 - My final art project
An expression of who I am on my journey

The closet artist in me has finally emerged.  Since leaving Greece last October not one single art medium has been picked up.  No attempts at creating have been honored until choosing to do this Creativity Cleanse.  It was deliberately timed to end with my closing date with the job.  I have to say, if it weren't for the artist outlet for my emotional journey to the end more than likely I would be a mess.  Happily I have found exactly what art does for me - it is the way for me to express what words cannot.

The above piece of artwork is the expression of who I am.  For the first time ever I can see me emerging as the Goddess that I am.  Now I have something to work with.  An image to put into reality.  No matter where I go I shine.  Over and over I'm told I light up a room with my eyes, smile, wild hair, and laugh.  Never once did I think I was beautiful.  It took going halfway across the globe for a travel adventure and learning to accept my artistic self to discover that I am.  What a way to find out?

Taking a look back at the last 21 days in my art journal I discovered a few treasures:

  • Step in faith.  If every part of your being says to do something, yet the outside world says something different, step anyway.  Somehow it all magically comes together when you do.  Even if you are scared out of your mind.
  • Spirit has my back.  
  • There are times when you think you have a person or thing to forgive.  I found myself getting focused on the wrong things.  When that happens life gets rather tough in ways I never thought possible.  Getting mad at the person that caused the issue doesn't seem to be the answer either.  When I can look back at some of the issues it was me not understanding it was time to let go.  As soon as I let go it became very easy to forgive everyone involved; including myself.
  • The treasures you seek are closer than you think.  It may only be that you need an readjustment of perspective to know where to look.
  • Art is my expression for what words cannot express.  It also gives me so much joy.  More joy than I ever thought imaginable.  

Now I am ready to step into the next phase of my life.  I'll be using the help of the Soul Art Certification program to help me with that.