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Creativity Cleanse - Day 7

Blog Content

Creativity Cleanse - Day 7

Nicole Emery

Part of my recent healing journey included the opportunity to do a 21 day Creativity Cleanse.  The completion of my 21 days Creativity Cleanse coincides with the day after my last day at work.  With so many emotional ups and downs experienced as a result of the job this seemed like a good way to bring the experience to an end.  A healthy way at the very least.

Day 7 assignment is about sharing my Intention for the cleanse with someone.  To speak it out loud and tune into my feelings about the experience of sharing, then do some creative work.  Today, I'm choosing to share my intention with all of you.  My Intention: "I am empowered, centered, fully connected to Spirit and on the path to bright fulfilling adventures."  There, I said it.  I shared it.  Feels a little strange, but good strange to share it.

What has transpired in the first week of this cleanse has been nothing short of amazing.  All journey outcomes will depend on your commitment, openness, and willingness to do the work.  For me, I seem to have created the correct alchemy for the miracles to appear.  Healing is truly taking place for me.  So many things are opening up.  For the first time since returning home from my 3 month adventure last year I feel happy.  Things are starting to line up and point to a very distinct path forward. 

As the days go on I'll keep you posted on how the Creativity Cleanse is coming along.  Time to go create some art!