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Cross Roads

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Cross Roads

Nicole Emery

 Oracle card Decide from Sonia Choquette's Oracle Card deck " Trust Your Vibes "

Oracle card Decide from Sonia Choquette's Oracle Card deck "Trust Your Vibes"

One of my favorite oracle card decks is "Trust Your Vibes", by Sonia Choquette.  Waking up this morning with the image you see to the left on my mind had me reaching for the set of oracle cards.  The hope was for some sort of clarifying messages, or insights.  Instead it reminded me how much I enjoy working with the images on the card set.  It also reminded me of who I am, what delights me, and to make choices that reflect those things to this world.

I've reached a cross roads in my career path.  It is time to decide not only what to do next, but how I define myself as well.  For quite some time my life has been that of an engineer that dabbles in metaphysics and art.  Depending on the crowd I'm with it is easier to say to the world "I'm an engineer" or "I'm a psychic that likes mathematics" or "I dabble with art from time to time."  Always announcing myself in a fragmented way.  Never have I been comfortable with saying "I'm an engineer by day because it not only pays the bills, but I love mathematics and the intellectual challenges it gives.  On the weekends I've done psychic readings for clients for years.  Offering them insights from Spirit, deceased loved ones, Guides, and channeled messages from the spirit tribe Oceania.  My most recent intuitive offerings for clients are Energy Paintings and Birth Name Imprint Art.  I love my job as a multi-talented human being!"

That statement above is quite a mouthful for me.  Even putting in writing on this blog is a little out of my comfort zone.  Then there is the second layer of cross roads type of thing going on with my career - deciding what is next.  At my annual performance review yesterday it was brought to my attention that it is time to start pursuing projects and courses that will give me more depth and breadth in my knowledge base.  I'm not convinced my boss' recommendations are the best options for me.  What I am convinced of is the timing of deciding that path. 

It is decision making time.  The signs are there - annual review message and image from this morning - to start making plans.  This weekend's project will be to make my list of technical skills, personality traits, and overall qualities I bring to a job.  This is the last exercise from Chapter One of The Soulmate Secret, by Arielle Ford.  We shall see where the magic takes me from there.  One thing is for sure, I feel good about this post.