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Curve ball

Blog Content

Curve ball

Nicole Emery

The curve ball... myth, or real?  When it comes to the game of baseball a curve ball is very real.  That snap of the wrist, motion of curve, and gravity being utilized on its approach to the batter... all very real things.  What makes it so brilliant is the element of surprise and the application of physics at its best.  The only illusion that is created is how the ball reacts to the force of a bat.  This is not only the throw of a pro, but a test of the batter.  When it comes to the game of life is the curve ball real or just an illusion?

Photo from Aerodynamics in Sports

I'm inclined to believe so. 

They last couple of weeks have been a real challenge when it comes to this project.  Life through me a few curve balls to see how I would choose to bat.  It was my rookie moment up to bat in the Major League game of Life.  I was called to attention and asked to give it what I've got.  The team wants to see what I'm made of.  All heart?  No substance?  Have a backbone?  Quick thinking?  Dedicated?  What action will I take?  Am I in tune with what is coming?  Well, I struck out a few times in the last two weeks, got on base once, and ended up being benched by the Coach.  Not a great moment for a rookie's first game in the Majors.

My focus and writing had dried up.  The only way to get back into play was to deal with what was in front of me first.  It was some tough emotional stuff to work through.  Until I was willing to learn what the emotional curve ball was about, the writing wasn't going to come.  The magical energy for the experiments was dry too.  Quitting wasn't an option either.  Study, learn, practice - these are the options.

My time on the bench opened up the doors to seeing a bigger picture.  There are certain influences, choices, and actions that need to find the right alchemy in order to be mastered.  Either you are learning how to throw a curve ball, or you are learning how to masterfully hit one being thrown at you.  I opted to learn how to hit the damn thing!  It was an impressive moment when you learn how to master something.  You suddenly know the exact moment to swing the bat of life and go all in for the hit of your life.  It was liberating.  The ideas are flowing again.  The writing is coming.  The magic is back.

Coach, I'm ready!

I now understand that in order to master the curveball one must pay attention to what is coming at them.  Status quo will now always be the way.  The more awareness you have the more that comes your way.  That more leads to golden opportunities to grow.  I learned how to trust what I was feeling and deliver news without striking out.  It was a good first outing in my Major League game of Life.