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Gentle Whisper

Blog Content

Gentle Whisper

Nicole Emery

Those sweet tender touches
How they open my imagination to you
I wonder... 

The way you touched my back
Gently kissing the back of my neck
You knew without me telling you
I wonder...

I feel you everywhere
On my skin, under my skin, in my emotions
In my mind, in my soul
I feel you
I wonder....

That longing sensation is so deep
Your touch is gentle and full of love
Why can't I see you
I wonder....

I hear you
I hear your message to me
Surrender, my love
These are your words
I wonder...

As I surrender to your touch I feel you
My barriers drop
Suddenly I am connected to a deep love
I feel all your love
I wonder....

Shhh.... my Love, surrender to it
Your gentle whisper in my ear
Tears roll down my cheeks
Every gentle touch on my spine sends your love deeper
I wonder....

For the first time I stop wondering
You are real
You are waiting for me
I know for the first time your gentle whisper
I know your gentle touch
I know your love
You are here for me
It is only a matter of time before we meet
I know you.


Wondering has turned into

I feel....
I know....
I love...
I touch...
I hear...
I sense...
I surrender to
Your gentle whisper of love

By Nicole Emery