Gifts and Prayer

Today a lovely gift arrived in the mail - a custom set of prayer beads designed by Kate Lamontagne of Kamala Boutique.  After a week that is beginning with several oddities it was so soothing to hold these beads in my hands.  Special thank you to Kate for her exquisite craftmanship.

Custom Prayer Beads

This treasure, combined with the framed saying given to me by my mother in the background, I feel like anything is possible.  Clarity has arrived.  This Visionary Muse that has so much Sacred Beauty to offer this world is on her way to luscious adventure.  It feels so good to hear the call of my heart AND actually answer it.

Mom's gift to me... "Daughter... I want you to fly higher than I, for I gave you more courage and better designed wings."

My leap of faith is about to begin.....