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Private Collection: Goddess Body

Blog Content

Private Collection: Goddess Body

Nicole Emery

A body is a public journal for all to see a life's story.  

Every piece of it a work of art.
Every movement it makes is a reflection of courage.
Every square inch has a Goddess story to tell.
Every curve has purpose.

Every emotion ever felt is on this body.
Every scar a mysterious moment of definition.
Every geometry is represented in this body.
Every place I've been my body was there.

Everyday this body shows up for the work.
Every tear it sheds new life was created.
Every shape a detail of beauty.

This body has a unique history.
A history so full of an amazing woman's actions.
It has traveled far and wide.
It has gone to place that are only in dreams.

It has been a sensual lover.
It has kissed the lips of many lovers and liers.
It has longed for a lovers touch.
It has given great love.

It comes with daily surprises.
It is soft and hard.
It is an amusement park to those that get to know it.

It is a loyal companion.
It is the vehicle for dreams to come true.

This history deserves respect.  

It is to be treated like the Goddess body that it is.
It has carried many burdens - mine and yours.
It has completed a marathon.
It has moved mountains.
It has been touched with love and hate.
It has survived many storms.
It has the touch of love for those that want it.
It has supported more than one can ever be able to describe.
It is the finest creation made of quality product.

This body is the embodiment of a Divine Goddess on a journey.
The journey of one woman with strength, courage, and determination for all the world to know.

Take a closer look.

Can you see the Goddess?

You ought to.

The story of the Goddess Body is yours....