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Intuitive Guidance - Relax

Blog Content

Intuitive Guidance - Relax

Nicole Emery

My intuitive guidance has decided to give me some relaxing options.  Once the decision about not using Match and putting the soulmate search on a temporary pause were made a calm has come over me.  I had forgotten how powerful choice is.  Choice with confidence is even more powerful.

That brings me to another tidbit of discovery.  Taking my time with what feels right.  Evaluating what I was feeling about this project and upcoming events my pace is causing a lot of anxiety for me.  I had a little chat with Guidance.  The result of that conversation was to take on only what I felt comfortable with.  The rest will work itself out, and arrive at a time when I'm ready to go for it.  In the meantime relax.

There are four things that came up for my focus - getting my car prepared for the Alaska trip, taking care of my body, keep writing, and preparing for an art class.  Nothing came up about packing my household, hunting for a new job, start booking flights to Greece, looking for my soulmate, or any other crazy idea I've been toying with for the last month.  When that focus came to light the stress went away quickly.  I feel a lot more relaxed.  This doesn't mean my desires won't happen.  It simply means at this point in time my focus is on this part of the Divine Plan.

Interesting leaning curve I had.  It is so easy to get ahead of myself with what to do that I miss what is in front of me.  That is always a recipe for disaster.  This has also been a good lesson in building my trust in the Universe.  Let it do its job (guiding me, putting things into motion, etc.) and I'll do my job (following the guidance, doing the work, etc.). 

I guess the experience could be summed up like this.... for the last month I was trying to micromanage the Universe.  Again, another recipe for disaster.  Glad I took the time to realign myself and listen to the Intuitive Guidance being offered.  It helped a lot!

Now, onto the rest of my relaxed day!