It Begins.... Life Goes on

For the last two months I've been on a high.  There have been so many changes, adventures, emotions - the full gamete - that it was impossible to see how life works in your absence.  Only now has time granted me a chance to look around before leaving.  Guess what?  Everyone's life went on without me.  There have been birth announcements, graduations, career changes, ups & downs, loss, weddings, everything.  It happened.  Robert Frost summed it up nicely - Life goes on.

Thank you Robert Frost!

In six days I board a plane to a new life.  A new adventure.  The next chapter in Creative Sprite's life book.  Sadness seems to be part of the picture right now.  There is still grieving that comes up from time to time.  When it comes to stepping into the bigness of my dreams there is always an element of sadness that come with it.  It means letting something go - a person, a belief, limits, comfort levels, etc. - in order to expand.  This time around I decided to try something different.  Stop fighting that feeling. 

I can honestly say I miss my friends back in the Seattle area.  I miss my coffee shops.  I miss the book club gals of Albuquerque.  I miss my old workmates in Albuquerque too.  I miss interesting places I've seen in the US.  I miss some family members.  I miss a lot of my friends.  I miss Frito Lays Mild Cheddar Cheese Dip.  I miss Mexican Lattes.  I miss my Jeep.  I miss having my home.  I miss tons of friends.  I miss not being part of their lives real time.

What I've also learned with knowing everyone's life goes on without me is my life goes on too.  The sadness reminds me of the rich life I have and the many lives that have left a mark on it.  So being sad is a good thing.  It means these special connections go with me into my new adventures and there is room for more.

We all move on together.