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Jumbo Crayons

Blog Content

Jumbo Crayons

Nicole Emery

How do you get relief at work?  Allow me to introduce the Jumbo Crayon set.  Yes, this array of 12 wonderful colors sits on my desk at work.  How did it get to my desk?  The box set of crayons was a gag gift from a co-worker.  This little gem has turned out to be quite the stress reliever in fun and interesting ways.

For example, I was asked to red-line drawings.  Since there wasn't a single red pencil or pen anywhere in the office supply cabinet the matter was taken into my own hands.  Out comes the red crayon.  Job complete.  Co-worker to receive marked up drawings asked what was used to mark them up because the markings didn't look normal.  When the answer of "a crayon" was given, he basically said, "that is gutsy to mock this design with a red crayon."  Then proceeded to laugh about it for the rest of the day.  It honestly was not my intention to mock.  I just didn't have any other red colored writing tool.

Then there was a very intense event at work.  After said event my only outlet was to doodle on scrap paper at my desk.  The crayons were promptly pulled out and rainbows with clouds were suddenly appearing on my paper.  After about 5 minutes I admired the result and hung it on my cube wall.  The picture to the right is similar to one of the 5 creations made that day.  Two days later our program manger walked by my cube and noticed the colorful wall.  His response, "I didn't know you had kids.  Who's the aspiring artist in your family?"  To which I replied, "Um... I made these drawings a couple of days ago with my crayons (pointing to my Jumbo Crayon Set on my desk).  I don't have any kids."  He looked very confused and responded, "Oh.  Well, then... Um... see you at the 2pm meeting."  My guess is he was a bit embarrassed for asking and alarmed that one of his engineers was using crayons at her desk.  It was never mentioned again by him.  However, several of my co-workers heard the conversation and have since repeated the story several times to other co-workers.  I tell ya, those crayons are multi-purpose stress relievers.  Who knew?

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