Learning Dutch via Greek

How does that happen?  Well, the Greek language made an impression on my with my travels.  Then the random feeling of loneliness hit me today.  Followed by finding a cute Greek restaurant named Rhodos.  This was comfort time for me.  Surprisingly it turned out to be the only thing that allowed me to connect to the new environment. 

The menu was in Dutch, but the spelling of dishes were in Greek.  Easy to figure out what I wanted for dinner.  Then the napkin had a little treat on it - a few Greek words translated into Dutch.  No English.  Jackpot!

Hello = Ya Sou = Hallo
Thank you = Efharisto = Dank u
Please = Parakalό = Alstublieft

My first real lesson in Dutch began with a Greek dinner and napkin.  Opa!  We have contact!  This is either going to improve my Greek speaking (considering the owners only speak Dutch & Greek) or anchor the Dutch words.  Not sure what the outcome will be on that one.

The next few weeks are going to be a little harder than originally thought.  This is the time where the impact of my choice is becoming full realized.  It is also where the most mistakes are going to be made too.  There were numerous attempts made this afternoon trying to find the local shopping area.  This was only to be less than a two mile bike ride.  It turned into closer to 10 miles.  I can't seem to make sense of the road signs, understand what road I'm on at any given time, or remember the name of the street I'm looking for.

After being lost for about 30 minutes somehow I found my way back to my apartment to review the directions again online.  No, I don't have a handy GPS.  Nor have I been able to locate a map of the area.  My final attempt got me there.  Unfortunately the stores were closing upon my arrival.  I might not remember the names of streets yet, but the landmarks are forever burned into my memory!  This route can be repeated again.  Tomorrow's assignment will be to find the shopping area again AND find the exact location of my company.  This is going to be interesting.

Even though the loneliness is present I'm not going to give up.  Fun loving people are on their way into my life.  One step at a time.  Je?