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Moving Frustration

Blog Content

Moving Frustration

Nicole Emery

Nothing is moving!  My original intention for this move to The Netherlands was to sell everything off in record time, jump in my car, take a wonderful road trip across the USA to Michigan, visit the family, jump on a plane to The Netherlands knowing all my affairs were complete, and start life.  Seems like a pretty clear & simply idea?  Well, it is turning into an extreme test of my patience levels.  Not to mention a challenge to my desires.

Until yesterday, my intentions was clear with the furniture.  My mind was made up that it all had to go.  The plan was to keep only the essential items.  Basically, whatever fit into my Jeep.  My parents were going to store those items and sell the Jeep after I left.  I've never been one to be afraid of letting everything and start over.  It has always come naturally and easily to me.  So, why in the world is this move becoming such a challenge in letting things go?  The answers always appeared when the intention was clear.  The intention is clear, but nothing is happening.  So strange!

Yesterday was spent working on contingency plans for storing the furniture instead of selling it.  It was the only idea that made sense to me.  Even the responses from Craig's List were sparse and odd when they did come in.  I've had 6 emails sent to me regarding the furniture - 5 were spam, one was letting me know I had a typo.  Usually there is a flow to it all.  I've been mentally preparing for letting it all go.  For some reason I'm stuck without an idea to work with. 

In my heart I just don't want to deal with having a storage unit full of furniture and various boxes.  There has to be a way to make a clean break from it all.  My heart wants to be free from all of this.  Here is the crazy part, the only items that have been selling are the small odds and ends items.  Random phone calls from friends asking if there is a specific item up for sale.  Nothing that appears in ads anywhere seems to be gone.  So far I'm up to my eyeballs in frustration. 

Something has to give.  Soon!  It is preventing me from moving on... Great Spirit in the Universe my only request to you is this: HELP!!!!!!!