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My European Travel References: Hotels, Tours, Excursions, and Fun

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My European Travel References: Hotels, Tours, Excursions, and Fun

Nicole Emery

Photo from Slow Trav

Back in 2011 around this time the Greece dream was declared to happen.  It was only to be a three week journey visiting the ancient ruins and an art retreat in Santorini.  It ended up evolving into a three month sabbatical from work to travel to Alaska by car, six weeks in Greece, three weeks in other European countries, and whole lot of fun.  I've been asked for a list of travel references I used to create this trip.  Below is a list of resources used for the trip.  Hopefully they will help you with your travel plans.

Note: The only affiliate links are those referencing books to Amazon.  All other links are not affiliate links.


  • A must have for driving the Alcan Highway is the Mile Post.  This is a very extensive review of all the highways that lead to Alaska and in Alaska.  This was a crucial piece needed for planning the trip.
  • Ask friends for input on the trip.  It turned out the area I lived in I could find people that actual had done the trip.  They gave great advice and ideas on how to achieve it.  
  • The internet is full of many resources on what to look out for, how to do it, and inspiring stories.  Use Google!


  • G Adventures -  I would highly recommend using this site to plan a budget trip anywhere in the world.  The sales staff and touring staff are super friendly and knowledgeable.  I had thought about planning to see all the ancient ruins in Greece solo.  The problem was trying to coordinate my way around.  I used the Classic Greece tour.  Well worth the money spent.  Made travel to the various places so much easier.
  • Greek Sails - Great staff!  They offer a wide variety of sailing options that start from the island of Poros.  This is a family owned company that makes you feel part of the family.
  • A Greece Travel Guide - This website offers tons of tips and travel ideas for visiting Greece.  All of this was put together by Matt Barrett.  I spent a lot of time reading through his website.  He does respond to your email questions.  Highly recommend this site to anyone curious about traveling to Greece.
  • Greek Island Activities - This is where I learned how to cook Greek food with Katerina on the island of Poros.  This was an amazing time!  Katerina offered so much hospitality, history, culture, and good food.  How could you not enjoy yourself here?  This little island made all the difference to my stay in Greece.  Made some life long friends here!
  • Direct Ferries - If you are going to travel the Greek Islands, then you need to have a website that offers an accurate listing ferry schedules.  It took me a while to find this one.  Once I did it made island hopping to much easier!
  • Journeys of the Spirit - This is where the Santorini art excursion was booked.  They offer a wide variety of spiritual travel adventures to many places in the world.  The staff is friendly and quick to respond to emails.
  • Art & Spirit - Linda Jacobson is one of my favorite artists.  She has been putting on the Santorini art retreat for over 15 years.  She knows how to bring the aspiring artist out in you with her signature style.  There truly is an inner artist in all of us waiting to come out.  Whether you are experience or a novice this journey is for you.  Check out Linda's website to understand why.

The rest of Europe

  • Ales Custom Travel Services -  Best travel service I've ever used!  Ales has traveled the world extensively and knows his stuff.  The travel service fees are minor and very worth it.  He helped me arrange several flights, train tickets, hotels, and transfer service suggestions.  If you are thinking of traveling to Europe please contact him.  His service fees are worth it on so many levels.  I can't thank him enough for all his help!
  • Trip Advisor - This is a worldwide service that offers links and bookings for several hotels.  This website helped me find several last minute hotels in the Greek Islands.
  • Iceland Air - Excellent travel bargains visiting Europe from the USA.
  • Rail Europe - This is a US based train ticket service.  There were times when booking a train using a European website was difficult.  This site made it easy!
  • Laundromat Cafe - If you are visiting Copenhagen or Reykjavik this is your place to kick back do some laundry, grab a bite to eat, enjoy beer or coffee, surf the net, or read a book.  This was my life saver after a long journey through Europe.  They people here are fantastic!