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Part Two: Plot Twists

Blog Content

Part Two: Plot Twists

Nicole Emery

There is just too much that took place for me to write about in great detail.  All of it has been a whirlwind of events.  What I can write about are a few of the "plot twists" that happened along the way.

The Lexington, KY experience was full of fun twists and turns.  Most of them involved being corrected on my assumptions about the South.  It was clear on many occasions, and pointed out, that I was not from Kentucky.  Really?  It must have been the big curly hair that gave it away.  Almost every conversation with someone new required an explanation of where I was from.  Even living overseas I never had to explain it that many times.  This was a mild twist to daily living by comparison to other adventures and discoveries.

Kentucky was not a land of fancy vineyards and standard beer.  Rather, this is horse and bourbon country.  Bourbon my friends is everywhere! In the chocolate, the beer, the food, the water, the air, just plain everywhere. I'm convinced they feed it to the horses too!  The only other place to have an obsession like this is New Mexico with the infamous green chile.  Kentucky's version of that obsession is remove green chile add Bourbon. Viola!

Even during election campaigns a candidate will have his Mammy come on the radio to tell everyone what a good boy he is and how we should elect him.  Great!  A Momma's boy is running for office.  You don't ever listen to the radio the same after a commercial like that.  Imagine hearing the Rolling Stones belt out the song Satisfaction then comes "The Mammy" talk.  Don't mess with Momma! Timing is one thing, and family is everything.  Understood.  Got it.

Pretty much everywhere I went there was a plot twist waiting to unfold.  Even the Figure Drawing class I attended had a twist I'll never forget.  The model thought he was trying out for Play Girl and was proud as a peacock to show us why he deserved such an opportunity.  It took everything I had to keep a straight face, stop the 50 shades of red running through my face and keep the giggle outbursts quiet.  Don't even ask me about the drawing critiques!  I'm still laughing about it.

This should not surprise me after having brunch with the Queens.  By queens I mean drag queens. Have you ever heard of a drag queen being in full make up before 10am on a Sunday?  Me either.  That is what I call a real plot twist!  Who knew they were in full form in Lexington, KY?  I have proof of this too.  By the way, a little lesson my friends and I learned almost the hard way, do not ever go to a drag queen show without singles in your pockets!  There is a hefty embarrassment factor that goes along with being caught without money.  It will become a far more memorable show than expected.

Another fun plot twist to talk about are my painting experiences.  Painting with a Twist that is.  A local studio was sponsored by a vineyard to teach painting.  Who could resist wine tasting and painting lessons?  I think this painting class had more than one twist to it.  The drive to the vineyard reminded you of scenes from Deliverance.  Scary! 30 people of various skill level - from nothing to top notch - come together to paint.  Now imagine those 30 people wine tasting all afternoon and trying to take direction from the art teacher.  There wasn't a single painting that looked the same even though we were all to paint the same thing.  Best line of the day was from the instructor, "People, we are mixing paint. Not creating a moral dilemma."  After the lesson the instructor had 30 tipsy people on his hands.  Perhaps it was a bit more like trying to herd drunk cats? Now that was a good plot twist with painting.

The biggest plot twist of the Lexington experience was the loss of my job.  I went into this with high hopes of good things to come.  Unfortunately I came out of it with a lot of disappointment.  Two months in the boss let me go.  The details of this experience are pretty shocking.  Yes, it can happen and without cause.  Quite the American cliche I must admit around losing a job.  I could call this boss many unpleasant things, but that would be giving the boss something to valuable to me - my time and energy.  Best to let it go and move on without a trace.  Done.

I could go on about the several comical plot twists, but I think you get the idea.  Lexington served a purpose.  That purpose is complete.  The spark of adventure is back.  Next up... taking Detroit by storm!