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Quote and Thoughts

Nicole Emery

This says it all..... "Go forward in life with a twinle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great and strong purpose in your heart." by Gordon B. Hinckley

I'm sitting in my parents house this morning wondering about my future.  Less than two months ago I was sitting in the same spot wondering what was in store for me in the Netherlands.  The sparkles in my eyes from then have been replaced with questions marks.  Excitement replaced with contemplation and deep thought.  In spite of the emergency that brought me home it seems my mind and soul needed this time to reflect about the last two months.  While shock was blinding me insecurities were taking over. 

Talking with a close friend the other night was a remedy for the soul.  Sometimes the very thing you need is a shoulder to cry on, a moment to let go, and trusting hands.  This was the greatest gift anyone could have ever given me in that moment.  She was able to reflect back to me a few elements that had been lost at the start up of this journey.  The shock of fully arriving into this journey is starting to wear off.  Clarity is arriving.  The purpose in my heart is growing stronger because in this moment I believe I can do it.  It took a gentle reminder from a loving friend to connect me back to the truth of who I am.  That is magical.

The twinkles and sparkles are on their way back to my eyes.  The Nethelands is bringing out my best creativity - for life, adventure, love and art.  I'm happy to be in this moment.