Right Brain Drawing

If you ever get the chance to take a class for Right Brain Drawing do it.  You won't regret it.  It was so much fun watching my skills as an artist grow as the class progressed.  It even taught me more about my style of approach; which was fascinating.  Who knew an art class could give so much?

Here is my before and after drawing of my left hand.

The before drawing was done in about a 20 minute time period. The after hand drawing was the first one completed after learning the new techniques.  I've never had exposure to graphite as a medium for drawing.  This I have to say was one of the best way to understand shading and values.  Would you believe a paper towel is one of the valuable tools for creating this?  Who knew?  I also did a self portrait too.  It was my second attempt at using the technique.  See below.

Even the second drawing was amazing to see how much my skills have grown in a short period of time.  The lesson here is practice.  In order to keep going with this practice is needed.  In the spirit of practice I asked my co-worker to bravely pose his hands for me to draw.  When the drawing is complete I'll be sure to post a picture.  It feels good to admire my creations!