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Shift in Focus

Blog Content

Shift in Focus

Nicole Emery

Something is shifting for me.  My focus and desires are changing a bit.  One thing I've noticed is my all-or-nothing approach to things at times.  The more time is spent pondering travels, souljobs, soulmates, etc. it became so easy to get caught up in a huge undertaking and lose sight of what is realistic and what is not.  Doing that puts me in a panic mode.  Not a very pleasant place to be.  The key element here is learning how to pace myself and stay focused in the moment.  Stop leaping to thoughts 10 months from now.  Or, trying to cram every country into one short visit!  I'll miss the pure joy of it all by doing this.

The current environment at work has been a huge influence on these thoughts.  It is a bit of s dire straights situation for many people.  However, it has proven to be an opportunity in learning to stay focused on my desires and trust my core belief that I will have a job for as long as I need it.  Too many recent nights have been spent in a place of panic and worrying.  It led to unrealistic thoughts about how my future would play out. 

Finally taking a moment to get connected, and let go of the worry, something changed.  The act of letting go of trying to control the situation opened the door for my true action steps.  Real tangible things that seem more appropriate to my life than anything else I was able to come up with on my own. 

Surprisingly it also brought up a hidden desire to ride a century bike race.  Not just any century bike race, the Lake Tahoe Century Bike Ride, also known as America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride.  This is a large undertaking with time, effort, training, and other things, but it keeps me going with thoughts of life after these four desires.  Even taking European trips one at a time after Greece.  These thoughts were so much for enjoyable than what I was trying to do with worry and fear.

What I learned tonight is being flexible is a key factor with working with the Universe.  The way to be flexible is to let go of trying to control how it all happens.  Trust it will happen.  Other insight involved a deep lesson about supporting my dreams with tenderness and love.  The time has finally come for me to start spending my energy on supporting my dreams rather than fighting them.  The Universe has my back.