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Souljob Hunt

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Souljob Hunt

Nicole Emery

Maybe Shoeless Joe was onto something?
image via Dvice 

Just maybe a new career path may be on its way after all.  Inspiring thoughts have been coming up all week. A little research indicates it may be possible to pull off sooner than I think and not interrupt travel plans for this year.  I'm not ready to share what the idea is, but the outcome will be about as shocking as Shoeless Joe to the right.  At least the idea is to me.  (Although, I have to admit, the shoes to the right really are quite tempting for me to buy.  Those that know me well would understand why I would wear these in public and be proud of it!)  It is exciting for me to think about the newprospect, testing the waters, and exploring if it is a good fit or not.  It seems like a crazy idea, but it just may fit like a charm.  You never know when inspiration will strike with full intention of becoming real.

My idea for a Souljob is starting to take shape.  It also looks like it will incorporate all aspects of me - art, intuition, and math.  The resume writing for this job will be a challenge.  It is going to stretch my far reaching imagination and hopefully someone will read it want to call me in for the interview.  For the first time in four weeks I'm starting to see a path forward.  Ahhh.... that is a breath of much needed fresh air.

More exciting news to come!