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Souljob Review

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Souljob Review

Nicole Emery

Manifesting Review..... the Souljob....

Someone has already decided to create a company that finds your Souljob!  If only I knew about this sooner.  This would have made my search so much easier.  Of course it would have required me to speak Dutch because the company is located in The Netherlands.  Win some, lose some.

Onto the Chapter Nine review, from Your Heart's Desire, by Sonia Choquette, of the SoulJob.

If my Heart's Desire to find my souljob is true, then...

Chapter One: "you focus on it clearly" -This is a heartfelt desire; to be working in a career that lines up with who I am at the core.  Recent developments in my current career has brought my attention to it being time to start the search.  My intention is to find what the souljob is.

Chapter Two: "gain the support of your subconscious mind" - My subconscious and conscious minds are in agreement that it is time to find a souljob.  However, they are in conflict as to what it is.  Thoughts about maybe its a better engineering job I'm looking for, or become an intuitive consultant, or live the life of an artist, or start a business keep plaguing me.  It is hard to know at this point what the souljob is.  Mainly because all these ideas appeal to me, and the shift into anyone of them doesn't feel quite right.

Chapter Three: "begin to imagine you desire in great detail" - Oh how the imagination has run wild this one.  My mind has imagined me being everything from a brothel owner to an engineering scholar to a trend setting artist and many other things in between.  Engaging my imagination is not a problem.  Honestly I could see myself being successful in anyone of those jobs.

Chapter Four: "your conscious mind clears the way to embracing it" - Oh, the obstacles.  Yeah, this one has a few to contend with.  What my heart longs for in terms of souljob is bit too scarey for me to just dive right into.  I will have to shift a lot of lifestyle choices to make the leap.  Aside from those types of obstacles there are real life obligations that have to be honored in my current job before I can leave.  There is no speeding up or slowing down the time on those.  They won't be around for long.  August is a BIG obstacle breaking month for this endeavor.  There is some work that still needs to be done on this one.

Chapter Five: "recognize inner guidance" - Intuitive guidance is there.  It is letting me work out the bugs on everyday living so a leap can be made.  Patience is my key lesson.  Be patient with myself and the world around me.  That inner guidance is letting me know it is time to deal with some unearthing of emotional nuggets of gold first.  It will make the leap easier later.

Chapter Six: "you make enthusiastic and supportive choices" - Right now I'm playing it safe when it comes to finding my Souljob.  It is a decision based mostly in fear and a little love.  I'm choosing to support my current career rather than shifting into a career of choice.  What I am supporting with love is being open to working with those fears and breaking them down one by one.  The enthusiasm will come in time for this.

Chapter Seven: "faith in the outcome naturally takes over" - I haven't quite surrendered control of this one yet.  I have a feeling sooner, rather than later, I will be pushed over the edge to discover if there is a landing or not.  Part of my does of have a strong faith in the outside force that WILL knock me back into the right track. 

Chapter Eight: "you begin to build the dream with words" - Yes, the words.  How can I forget this lesson?  I say over and over to anyone that asks, "I'm an engineer," but I don't feel like one.  For the life of me I can't say anything else when it comes to my profession.  This is my sticking point.  Saying I'm anything else doesn't come confidently.  This is a baby step awareness.  The only way to get confident in something is to practice it. 

Chapter Nine: "entering into a process to check your work, to collect all the pieces and fit them together" - This review has helped me pull together all the pieces that are working and not working when it comes to creating a Souljob.  The imagination is there, the desire is there, faith in being put on the right track is present, but the real sticking points are in my choices of support and a handful of obstacles.  Somehow all this will work itself out.

This was a good reflection for me.  Amazing how writing something can bring the picture into a little bit sharper focus.  My feeling is I really can't make a choice into something new until after I fulfill a few contractual obligations.  In the meantime creative options to work it all through in progress.