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Souljob - Something Bigger

Blog Content

Souljob - Something Bigger

Nicole Emery

Everytime I attempt to think about a potential Souljob - whether it be an industry, location, product, title, etc. - the thoughts are stopped by an image I can't shake. 

"I wonder..." Is there something more to consider?

For now, know the image is something I'm still coming to terms with.  It is so deep and personal that it is hard to share at this point.  What I can tell you about the emotions is stirs up within me has me in a place of wonder.  Wondering if my original thoughts about a Souljob were limited.  What if I opened up the meaning of a Souljob?  Perhaps that definition might include my soul's purpose in this life.  If that is true, then the images that have been coming to mind make this desire a huge game changer for me.  If my Soul's purpose is my Souljob, then maybe a job itself is secondary by comparison.  A job is only meant to support my Soul's purpose.  This thought is HUGE.