Private Collection: Soulmate Meeting in Greece

Back in the beginning of March this year I publicly posted a letter to my Soulmate.  The letter basically gave him a proposal to meet somewhere in Greece to unlock a clue about him.  It happened.  In Santorini.

Poseidon and the Four Nymphs
by Michele Clements

I had a randevu with a gentleman in Santorini.  In fact the meeting with him inspired not only me, but a few of my travel mates as well.  That meeting is depicted in the picture above - Poseidon and the Four Nymphs, by Michele Clements (one of my travel mates in Santorini).  The day when us four ladies met Poseidon by the sea.  I know I'll never be the same because of it.

Poseidon wasn't actually my soulmate rather a version of him.  The experience with him forever changed how I view myself.  It was also the critical clue needed in order to bring my soulmate into my life.  That clue you may be wondering about, well here it is - I'm actually attractive.  Never in all my years did I believe I was beautiful enough to attract what I wanted.  Any man I thought was very attractive I shied away from because of a belief he wouldn't want anything to do with me.  I kept telling myself I wasn't attractive enough for him.  Being in Greece as a whole is where I felt like the exotic beauty walking around.  Being with Poseidon is where I became a Goddess.  And, believed it with all my being.  From that day forward I could see the elements of the Goddess within me.

Poseidon taught me a lot of things too about men in general.  The biggest take away for me is this - if a man wants something he will have the guts to go for it.  Complete clarity of mind.  Only a man with that kind of clarity and strength of character is good enough for the attention of a Goddess.  The second big take away from this experience is I DESERVE NOTHING LESS THAN THAT.  The third big take away is learning which of my physical elements make me attractive.  Poseidon told me quite a few things about my physical qualities that no other man has mentioned, or simply didn't notice, that makes an exotic beauty.  His statements certainly do apply in Greece, and they seem to be true in the USA too.

For now I'll enjoy the wonderful memories of Poseidon in Greece and let the experience shape my future.  Thank you Poseidon.  Thank you Nymphs at the sea for being part of the fun.

To my Beloved Soulmate - I'm not giving up on you.  We will meet soon.  I promise.