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Soulmate Review

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Soulmate Review

Nicole Emery

"Tango" painting by Debra Hurd

Mi Amore... Where, oh where art though Romeo?  You are my perfectly patient Tango partner.  You are a man of mystery that brings out the passion of the dance in me.  I believe this may be the year I start to take Tango classes so we can meet.  My first challenge will be to walk in high heals!  Before that challenge begins I must do my Chapter Nine review from Your Heart's Desire, by Sonia Choquette, and work through some fears.

If my Heart's Desire to meet my Soulmate is true, then...

Chapter One: "you focus on it clearly" -Sadly, at this point I can't.  No matter how hard I try it won't come.  It remains a vague out of focus picture in terms of a Heart's Desire.  My desire for a Soulmate is false right now.  More on this later.

Chapter Two: "gain the support of your subconscious mind" - No agreement at all.

Chapter Three: "begin to imagine you desire in great detail" - The imagination won't open up on this.

Chapter Four: "your conscious mind clears the way to embracing it" - The obstacle is the desire itself.  I don't know if this is what I want.

Chapter Five: "recognize inner guidance" - My inner guidance is pointing out some things for me to resolve first before making a decision on this.  That information is worth gold.

Chapter Six: "you make enthusiastic and supportive choices" -I choose to support resolving some fear first.

Chapter Seven: "faith in the outcome naturally takes over" - My faith is in coming up with the right solution to this situation.

Chapter Eight: "you begin to build the dream with words" - There aren't words to build this dream because it is not a true desire right now.

Chapter Nine: "entering into a process to check your work, to collect all the pieces and fit them together" - This is the point where going back to the beginning is in order.  A detail has been missed, or maybe there is a completely different desire getting ready to emerge instead.  It was hard coming to this conclusion.  The pieces will start to fall into place soon.

Back to the drawing board on this one.