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The Petition to the Universe

Blog Content

The Petition to the Universe

Nicole Emery

At some point in any journey you reach a state of overwhelming confusion.  This week I have hit that head on.  There is no question on what I want in regards to a couple of my experiments.  What is confusing is timing, messages, stepping into the Unknown, finances, and some other things that have come up as a result of this journey.  What seemed clear at one point is all of a sudden muddy waters.  Ugh!

The Petition

In an attempt to gain some clarity my creative mind has decided to petition the Universe.  In a complaint to customer service sort of way.  There is absolutely nothing to lose by asking.  It may even be a more entertaining and direct way of gaining clarity.  Here goes...

Preamble: This petition is to the Universe requesting that some of the Divine Plan for Creative Sprite be known to her.  She has struggled and suffered the state of confusion for far too long regarding a few different topics.  In an attempt to make her life better by going after long time dreams she is coming up against resistance, brick walls, tough choices and any other confusing detail to be found. Your Divine Help is needed right away!  Please review the following needs and provide these portions of the Divine Plan to her psyche.  It is a matter of giving her friends a reprieve and her own over active imaginative mind a break too.

The Petition:  I, Creative Sprite, petition the Universe to hear my request for clarity and direction on the following:

  1. A clear and direct message on when it is time to leave my current job with a distinct cue from you that the moment has arrived.  I no longer feel attached to this job, but have a commitment that takes me to the end of July 2011.  Given that I can't seem to align myself to this type of job anymore it is taxing my patience level to the hilt.
  2. A clearer picture of the souljob.  You have given me wonderful talents in the mathematical, intuitive, and art worlds.  For years they have always been separate to me.  Every attempt made to bridge all three into one thing has produced limited satisfaction.  The closest I've come is a Math-Intuitive or Intuitive-Art blend.  I know my souljob includes all three.  Moving from current working environment to the next is very scary!  That is called stepping into The Unknown!
  3. Timing and clarity are needed as to when to take the trip to Alaska. 
  4. It has come to my attention that my souljob is not exactly located in the current location.  Basically, a move is imminent.  After all the moving I have done over the years (I don't have enough fingers and toes to count that many moves, by the way) can I please land in a place where I can put roots in the ground?  Oh, and don't forget to provide the proper financing needed for this endeavor too.
  5. Last, but not least, my soulmate.  What is the Divine Plan waiting on me to do next?  Move? Ask? Show up?  Anything?  Bueller?  Bueller?

The above mentioned items are overwhelming.  Bring the resources necessary to support these dreams and help me organize the path forward.