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Transformation Analogy

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Transformation Analogy

Nicole Emery

A little over six months ago I began a journey.  A journey to my health and stepping forward in grace.  It certainly hasn't been easy, but it has been well worth all efforts.  This journey began with a program called One-Gen.  The first cycle of it started on my birthday last year.  It was a struggle at first because of many fears about what was coming.... transformation.  Once I got into my groove it became easier to embrace the transformation further.  Then, eight weeks ago I embarked on the second cycle to One-Gen.  This time my life took turn for the adventurous amazing!  Things started to open up and a life I had envisioned was well on its way to being.

How do I sum up the time from August 2009 to now?  The summation came to me while doing automatic writing.  Here is an excerpt of what has been taking place.

"....a reluctant seed you once were.  When you started this path back in August you refused to be who you are.  A beautiful flower wanting to be seen.  Yet, you remained in a seed.  How do you expect to grow?  Transform?  The first class was about getting into the seed into the ground.  Was that so scary?  The ground nourished you over time.  This second class brought you blossoms and deep rooting.  Dear sweet one are you ready to see the flower you are to become with the next round?  For now we leave you with the glimpse of a few buds getting ready to bloom.  Shine colorful one.  Shine."