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Private Collection: What if....?

Blog Content

Private Collection: What if....?

Nicole Emery

What if I changed my name?
What if I decided to make a move of the cute guy?
What if I dreamed of having a net worth of $1mil?

 What if I chopped my hair short?
What if the good looking guy says no?
What if he says yes?
What if I quit my job and traveled the globe to far off countries?
What if I stood out from the crowd for the rest of my life?
What if I never got that apology for so-and-so?

What if I did get the apology for so-and-so?
What if my life changed drastically in this one moment?
What if I slept with that guy?
What if I finished reading all my books?

What if I met my Soulmate?
What if my body suddenly transformed into the shape I've dreamed about in the next year?
What if I get exactly what I wished for?
What if no one reads this?
What if there are suddenly thousands of followers of my blog?

What if that chance encounter happened with someone of my past?
What if I succeeded?
What if I took a chance?
What if I risked everything and got nothing in return?

What if I was wrong?
What if they were right?
What if I never get to see you again?
What if we profess our love and it doesn't work out?
What if I never have another date again?

What if I play hooky today?
What if I painted the master piece of all master pieces?
What if I make too many mistakes?
What if I fail at loving you?
What if I fail myself?
What if I could never fail at any of this?

What if......?

"What ifs?" are either the beginning of your dreams or the demise of them.

You choose the outcome.