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Writer's Block

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Writer's Block

Nicole Emery

Writer's Block kit by Elzibeth Dolk
(by the way, would love to but this kit)

Writer's Block.... it has been an all day event for me.  First there was the fun idea of writing about Death of an Engineering Career; which seems to be my theme as of late.  When nothing flowed for that thought the next idea was Road Trip: Russia by way of Alaskan Road Trip, Canoe Without a Paddle, and Other Such Non-sense.  See how far that got?  No where. 

My favorite for the day was How to Pack and Re-Pack your Life in Less Than a Day.  I could have chosen to do a review of manifesting books like Your Heart's Desire by Sonia Choquette, but that would mean actually reading it again.  I was already engrossed in another book about traveling and uncovering the secret within. 

After every attempt imaginable all day to come up with something fun, or deep, or possibly cheeky to write about I finally gave up.  The only thing to write about is the writer's block itself.

What has been going on for the last two weeks has been a lot of stress.  All of my thoughts and energy have been tied up in wondering what to do next with my job, travels, possibly moving, career, etc.  It is no wonder that an episode of writer's block has shown up.  At this pint the only thing to do is stop forcing myself to write and simply do something that does strike my fancy. 

It appears what is taking my mind off of everything is reading a great book by Sue Monk Kidd.  This little gem came to me in a random searching about travel essays to Greece.  Traveling with Pomegranates is about a mother-daughter duo that find breakthroughs in difficult life situations through their travels to Greece and France for each.  It is a journey that also brings them closer together as each embarks on a new phase of life.  Sue has a creative breakthrough that turns into the novel The Secret Life of Bees, and Ann transitions from recent college grad into her own identity.  This right now is where my heart is. 

Lost in a book about travels and coming to terms with life's transitions.  This is my way through the writer's block and fears at the moment.