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For the Empathic Sponge

Blog Content

For the Empathic Sponge

Nicole Emery

A dirty sponge trampled on from life's
not so fun moments

Every day is a challenge to understand what life as an empathic person means.  How do you take care of yourself when you feel everything around you?  Never really sure what is your stuff versus the environment or someone else's stuff.  This is a daily challenge for me.  I'd even go as far as saying this is moment to moment challenge.  One of my greatest lessons is having a deeper understanding of this gift.  It is not possible to change this aspect of who I am.  That is like saying I don't like my arms and want to exchange them for new ones.  Or, requesting that I could be three inches taller after being at my fully grown height for the last 20 years.  Being empathic is part of me.  It is something I must learn how to live with and let it teach me interesting things about the world we all live in.

In helping to work with the empathic side of me here is a cute recipe I created for keeping my empathic sponge clean.  Hopefully you will enjoy the recipe.
The Empathic Sponge Cleaning Process:

  1. Recognize you are a dirty sponge - you feel tired or agitated without truly knowing why.
  2. Visualize a big bucket of water in front of you and add a few drops of angelic love, Divine guidance, and golden light to the water.  Creating a cleansing mixture.
  3. Mentally step into the bucket to start washing the empathic sponge part of you thoroughly by working the water through the many layers of your empathic sponge field. This can be accomplished by squeezing the water through continually along with agitating it in the water.
  4. Step out of the bucket and rinse thoroughly with the loving water of the most beautiful waterfall you have ever seen.  Let the water rush over you taking away anything you are ready to let go of.
  5. Once you are complete with your rinsing step out of the waterfall and into a rainbow.  Let all the colors of the rainbow revitalize you.
  6. After you are feeling fully recharged step into the warm cozy loving energy of your Source of love.  Let the love pour over you to seal your cleared empathic sponge field.
  7. When complete with the seal slowly come back to your physical surroundings.  Enjoy the feeling of being cleaned off and shining.

Viola!  You now are a clean and clear empathic sponge ready to continue on your day with joy and fun!