Soul Art Project

I became a Certified Soulart Guide with Laura Hollick back in 2013.  It was the most exciting thing I've ever done.  To this day this process helps me with engineering work, life, visions, and so much more.  Below is the recounting of my first full Soul Art Project in 2012.  Enjoy!

The first part of the journey is about my transformation, and the second part is walking others through the same process.  There were a lot of steps involved to reach a completion point of the first project, but below you will see how the evolution of the project happened.

First you must kick off the journey with some reflections.  For me that has always come in the form of finding a fun little cafe, ordering coffee with a sweet treat, and enjoy the views of the day.

Day 1 - Journaling, coffee, cafe, and sweet treat

Once you are connected the creativity begins.  For me it took the form of tracing my body onto photographers background paper with crayons.  Inside of the image a letter from my body began.  This was where I discovered the Sexy Sensual Warrior Princess inside.

Day 2 - Body mapping and Body Letter Created
One Sexy Sensual Warrior Princess discovered

In order to shape the art that comes from this information a few different Creativity Doors were used.  There were two that sparked a lot of imagination - Mythology and Energetic Symbols.  Below are Day 3 creative beginnings.

The creativity continued easily into Day 4 & 5.  The thoughts and ideas would not stop.  It took everything I had to not leave work early.  All I wanted to do was run home and work on this piece of art.

Then something happened.  The ideas stopped.  Nothing came forward.  Looking at the artwork it didn't look complete, yet it felt complete.  It was a struggle in which one to believe.  For the next three days I played with different ideas.  None truly felt correct.  Something was missing.  My final attempt was made to bring this project to a completion point.

This wasn't an easy task for me.  The creating part of was easy.  It was everything else behind it that had me guessing.  When is the true completion point of a project?  Visually I needed more to the artwork to please my eyes.  Yet my internal feelings were saying it was complete at Day 5.  What I discovered from this conflict was valuable information surrounding my intention.  It brought my attention to the area of focus going forward.

The final step in this process is gathering insights from the artwork.  The next few days I'll spend reviewing what comes up, any inspiring thoughts, ah-ha moments, and a Spirit Action.

Overall, this is truly an insightful place for me to connect in life.  Art has always given me a way to express what words could not.  Now the words are coming as a result of the art.

One day soon maybe I will be guiding you through your own Soulart journey.