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2015 Year in Review

Blog Content

2015 Year in Review

Nicole Emery

My favorite part of the year is to look back on the last 12 months to see what has emerged, escaped me, and where I want to go next.  The last few years my reviews have centered around navigating rough terrain and rocky waters.  This year was different.  In a good way.

Lets begin.....

Overall 2015 was a year of clearing the decks, finding my voice, getting my feet back under me and emerging as the Warrior Princess that I am.  It was hard work, but so worth every bit of those efforts!

Summary of Achievements:

  • Solid Foundation & Feet on the Ground! In spite of my losses from prior years 2015 centered around finding my feet and building a rock solid foundation.  This took gumption and perseverance.  Mostly, an unrelenting intention to create it.  Nicole got her groove back!
  • Great Team of Support. The difference between previous years and now is the cultivation of a great team of individuals to support my intentions.  This lot was a variety of characters that enriched the journey more ways than I could ever imagine.  Some were hired hands.  Some were one time meetings.  Some were long time friends.  Most were from far off places.  One was a magic making wizard.  Another was my grounding rock.  One was responsible for the best belly laughs of my life.  A select few kept it real for me.  My 2015 could not have reached the soaring heights it did without any of them. 
  • Navigated Letting Go. Faced one of the hardest challenges in letting go.  The loss I still grieve over and will for quite some time to come.  However, it was far more painful to let things continue in the manner it had been.  Resurrecting boundaries is hard work.  Accepting that someone you care about deeply had no regard for it to begin with is even harder.  It was a worst case scenario come true.  The up side is I'm no longer at the mercy of that fear.  I know I can handle it, and have. 
  • Studio Neela. Studio Neela finally came to be this year.  It took roughly 10 months to bring it all together.  A big factor in the length of time needed was coming to terms with being seen and how to present it.  If it weren't for the amazing talents of one web and graphics developer Studio Neela would not be here to share with the world.  Yeah!
  • Career Shift. Another year long project was coming to terms with a career shift that has been in the works for quite some time.  The title of Engineer no longer serves me.  This past year I was given a great assignment in my corporate job that stretched my creativity, tenacity and technicality.  Wow did I get stretched out of my comfort zone!  It is super clear what my next phase will entail professionally.  It won't be the title of Engineer, but utilizes the skills of one plus more.  Dare we use the words engineer and artist and intuitive all in the job description?
  • Managed Well. This will be the first time I don't say "I survived the past year."  Instead my statement will be "I managed it well."
  • Delta Medallion Status. For the first time ever I have achieved medallion status on Delta airlines.  Thanks to a busy travel schedule with work this was made possible.  2016 gets to reap those benefits.  Yahoo!
  • Visiting my Seattle Family. Finally had the chance to visit my old stomping grounds of Seattle.  Best decision ever!  It was a homecoming to remember.  There might be more interactions with Seattle in 2016. (Hint!)
  • Life on My Own Terms - Integrity. The best part of looking back on 2015 is knowing I walked my path in the truest form possible - on my own terms.  That didn't always line up with expectations I had or what others thought.  It did give me a good view into who I am and what I'm willing to stand for.  That part is priceless.  I have to say "I like the person looking back in the mirror these days.  She turned out quite alright."  Enough said.

My best investment:

  • Tiffany Han - This woman is a modern day Yoda.  Best. Coach. Ever!  When the world has big possibilities and you find yourself paralyzed with uncertainty it is time to get help.  Tiffany came into my path at just the right time with her super Yoda Jedi skills.  Partnering with her got my magic making and risk taking skills back into full swing.  2015 with her was kind of a cross between Rocky and Stella got Her Groove Back.  Good times!
    Website: | Instagram: @thetiffanyhan | Twitter: @thetiffanyhan 
  • Erin Cassidy - May I introduce the woman behind the Studio Neela creations?  One Ms Erin Cassidy at Hey Art Social.  She made creating so much fun and easy.  Are you in need of graphics, web development, or just curious?  Check her out!
    Website: | Instagram: @heyartsocial | Twitter: @heyartsocial 
  • Isha Lerner - Every great dream maker needs an astrologer and flower essence consultant.  In early January I was itchy for some help to connect a few dots.  It couldn't come from just anyone either.  I decided to schedule a Karmic Imprint Power Mapping session with Isha Lerner.  So worth the investment!  Isha always delivers information in a gentle yet direct way.  Her love of astrology, tarot and flower essences comes through so strongly.  She knows her stuff!
    Website:  | Session: Karmic Imprint Power Mapping
  • Passion Planner - One of my favorite tools I took a chance on was the Passion Planner.  I loved it!  It helped keep my vision connected to day-to-day tasks.  There is no doubt in my mind that action tied to a vision is the best path to creating your dreams.  Another reason I love this tool so much is the philanthropy of the company.  They have a pay it forward program that you can participate in to help someone reach their goals with a Passion Planner.  Check them out and get your Passion Planner for 2016.
    Website: | Instgram: @passionplanner | Twitter: @passion_planner
  • Playing Big with Tara Mohr - In addition to a great coach I decided to invest in the Playing Big program by Tara Mohr.  In a world where self doubt gets triggered its nice to have a resource to turn to for help.  The program put me in touch with other woman walking a similar path to mine - coming out of the shadows to be seen, heard, and known.  Letting me know I'm not alone in this journey.
    website: | Program: Playing Big | *Book: Playing Big
  • Dawn Fleming - Everyone needs an energy healer on their team.  By far Dawn is the most wonderful Reiki healer I've ever come across.  Her compassion, deep understanding, and support has played a highly valued role in my life's journey for two and a half years.  She totally gets it! 
  • Honorable Mentions:
    New wardrobe by Lane Bryant
    Books galore - see my Goodreads profile here
    A wonderful local doctor to help me with some health concerns

Missed marks:

With every journey there will be moments that you miss the mark.  I'm certainly not exempt from this.  In 2015 I was hoping for different outcomes for romance and finances.  The former took a back seat to the career and the latter was only an exercise in break even.  It has always been a long standing belief for me to look at the things that went wrong for the purposes of learning.  There is always a juicy nugget of wisdom to learn within the mess.  A secondary learning is the power of choice.  Keep it?  Or scrap it?

In reviewing both the subjects I'm going to keep the visions for 2016 with a bit of course correction added.  Good times ahead!

Attention 2016 ahead!!

I usually spend the month of January collecting my thoughts on themes and focus for the year ahead.  So far it all feels pretty good!