Visit All 50 States

Today I decided to add one more experiment to the list - completing a nearly 16 year journey of visiting all 50 states in the USA.  So far the tally marks add up to 46.  Only four left!  At times it is hard to believe that many states have been visited.  What is even more remarkable is this was never a dream or intention to create in the beginning.  It simply happened.  My love for road trips brought me to this point.  One day a friend asked me how many states I've visited.  The answer shocked me - 36.  I was only 8 years into it at that point.  It still never really became a true desire to see it to completion until the fateful day my dad started to brag about visiting 40 states.  Nothing like a good old fashion competition with dad to seal the fate!  As of this summer the score is 46 for me and 44 for him.  Wonder who is going to cross the finish line first?

What are the last four states you may ask?  Here is the line up of remaining states to visit: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alaska.  The southern states have been the trickiest states for me to visit so far.  Plans always get altered last minute.  However, that all changed when I started this blog back in January.  An interesting opportunity/idea opened up in my schedule a few weeks from now to go for it.  It is going to be the great southern college football tour in four days!  Now that is an awesome way to do a road trip in my honest opinion.  Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly for a fun tour.

I've always had a feeling that Alaska would be my last state to visit.  For months now I have been toying around with doing an Alaskan cruise.  In the fall of last year a dear friend of mine suggested we do the cruise together.  She was looking for a vacation and had always wanted to see Alaska.  Since her husband wasn't interested to go she jumped at the chance to go with me. We were both overwhelmed by the many options for an Alaskan Cruise.  Yikes!  All the people we have talked to also have had differing opinion on what is the best route to go.  At some point she and I will find the right fit for us.  My guess is nothing will be decided until after I get back from my Southern College Football Tour.

I never realized this was going to be such a year to bring all these dreams to the surface and do something about them.  It is all so exciting to me!!