Chasing Visions.....

Chase the vision, not the money. Make sure that your business has a greater purpose beyond the bottom line. Figure out what you’d be so passionate about that doing that you’d be happy doing it for 10 years even if you never made any money from it. And then go do it - the ironic thing is that if you are actually chasing the vision and not the money, the money will follow.
— Advice from Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos:

Well, I'm chasing a vision..... a few of them actually.

After how many years in the technical industry as an engineer something has gone missing.  There's a "thing" or new title I want, but there doesn't seem to be a word for it.  Where do I go from there?  The answer.... Write about it while I'm trying to create it.  The rest will follow.

The possibilities I'm looking at:

  • Long tour of Europe/Greece
  • Leaving my current job and finding my souljob
  • Setting up a line of artwork that involves intuition and the soul
  • Getting back into intuitive readings
  • Doing gallery style readings in different cities this summer and letting things bloom from there
  • Resolving a couple of long time personal issues for good
  • Having the courage to step into my life's purpose
  • Living it up with joy!