Dreams of Greece

Opah! It is a Greek adventure that awaits me!

Since I was 10 years old I have had a fascination with Greece.  It all started because my mom showed me postcards and three slide reels from her European adventure long before she was married.  The adventure looked amazing!  I wanted to be just like my mom and share my European adventures with my children someday.  So how was I going to make this happen?  In the next nine years I would meet people who had been to Greece.  Learn as much as I could about Greek mythology and wonder if Atlantis is real.  It called to me.  Then, when I turned 19 I was going to take off and go.  Life intervened and brought it all to a screeching halt.  Ever since that moment it became a juggling act of either finding time or the money to go.  Neither of which would cooperate.

Fast forward to the present day in January 2011 (nearly 20 years later).  I still have not made it to Greece.  It almost happened last year, but again timing was off and finances in the end weren't ready either.  Why on earth has it taken me nearly 20 years to make this dream come true after my fateful change at 19?  What have I been waiting for?  A permission slip from the Universe to say "Go?"  Now that I think of it, it wouldn't hurt.  Can I ask for a permission slip? Please?

Once I get my permission slip signed off by the Universe lots of energy will go into taking flight.  One thing I have realized in setting this blog up is about letting go.  What happens when we let go of something we have grown accustomed to holding onto?  I'm almost afraid of letting this come to being.  There will be an emptiness that follows and the question of "What next?" will pop up.  That space between transitions of dreams can be a doozy.  Right now, this isn't enough to stop me from doing it this year.

What happens when you turn a Creative Sprite loose in Greece?  You get The Creative Spritehood of the Traveling Paintbrushes!  Opah!