Greek Timing?

First there was the email about an artist doing her yearly trip to Greece to teach art in Santorini.  Interesting time of this email in my opinion.  It came one week after I posted about my dream trip to Greece in this experiment.  Something is stirring here.  This particular trip has been in radar view for quite some time.  The trip organizer usually goes every year.  In the last two years it has not been offered.  Suddenly the email newsletter went out that she will be offering it this year.  I almost did a back flip when I saw it announced! woohoo!  This is my year for adventure. 

The trip is a retreat on the magnificent Cycladic island of Santorini.  It is an awaken your soul and expand your creativity in ways meant for pure joy and fun.  A greek adventure in the midst of the Aegean Sea! Can you believe it?  Eight days of joyous painting, drawing, meditation, exploring and ritual on this magical island.  If memory serves me correctly, I believe this island is somehow connected with the legendary civilization of Atlantis and ancient Minoan culture. This is a double treat for me.  Art and mythology!  Imagine the clarity of air, embracing the water and the beauty of the light shining on this trip.  It is enough to rejuvenate and inspire anyone. And, inspire it has! 

Now that I have an idea of how I want to spend my time in Greece another idea hit me.  This trip is with GAP Adventures.  I've had my eye on this adventure for almost a decade!  The Art & Spirit trip on Santorini has pretty firm dates.  What are the chances that these two trips could line up?  Guess what?  They do!  The departure day for Art & Spirit is the arrival day for Classic Greece.  To the right is a map of the planned tour.  I'm so excited just looking at the map!  All the ancient sites of Mainland Greece wrapped up in one tour lasting 12 days. All the classic sites of Greece will be explored: the Acropolis in Athens, Meteora, Guided tours of Ancient Delphi, playing on the beaches of Olympia, Sparta, Nafplio, then back to Athens for more exploring and nightlife entertainment.  

There is certainly something magical about the timing of the email and the timing of each trip.  Now that the plan is starting to take shape it is time to put shape to the finances for this once in a lifetime adventure.  I've created an estimated money target to do the trip.  It includes the cost of each tour, travel to and from, extra spending money, and a few other supplies.  It isn't a small number, but it is a manageable number.  Not exactly sure how it will come about.  All I know is I am open to many different sources to come forward in the creation of it.  

A source that came forward last night was to get my taxes done.  Sure enough, there is a small refund that gives me some "Seed Money" as I like to refer to it as.  The seed has been planted.  Now it is time to nurture it along to full bloom.  

I'm really doing this!  Thank you Universe for the first installment of the path to Greece.  Opa!