The Tango & Fear

My personal theme for 2011 is Permanent Change.  With that comes several options for it to be created. It can get quite overwhelming at times.  For exapmle, in one moment Path A looks great. A few moments later Path Z is starting to resonate with me. When Path Z feels all warm and cozy Path 1BB shows up. All reasoning and logic are gone only to leave me in a state of confusion. Wondering what my next step is. So begins my special dance with a uniquely designed partner for me.

The dance: The Tango
My partner: Fear

A little recap of The Tango from Wikipedia says:

"In tango, the steps are typically more gliding, but can vary widely in timing, speed, and character, and follow no single specific rhythm. Because the dance is led and followed at the level of individual steps, these variations can occur from one step to the next. This allows the dancers to vary the dance from moment to moment to match the music and their mood. The Tango's frame, called an abrazo or "embrace," is not rigid, but flexibly adjusts to different steps, and may vary from being quite close, to offset in a "V" frame, to open."

Where does this leave me? In a constant state of practicing how to go with the flow. I have to trust my partner and my partner has to trust me in order to have a graceful performance. Allowing the rhythm to develop with each move or step we take. Who leads in the dance is all dependent on the dance floor called Life. When we work together to navigate this dance floor a beautiful flow of rhythm, speed, character, and joy is demonstrated through fluid movements. If we fight each other the embrace is broken and the dance stops. The music stops. The creativity stops. I become stuck and embattled in a power struggle that will get me no where quickly.

All is not lost in those moments of pause; when the dance stops. It is a moment to reflect on core beliefs and decide how I want to approach my partner to create something new in our Tango. My partner shows me new places within me to learn from. Get excited about breaking through to a new creative level of my life. So, even though the paths of possibility are overwhelming right now I welcome them all. I embrace my well matched partner, Fear, to give me the dance of a lifetime. May I have the ability to smile through it all, be light on my feet, and have God's grace to guide us both on the dance floor of life.

So far my partner and I agree to disagree and have decided to explore the dance space in a new light - letting my authentic self shine.