This morning I woke up feeling very resistant to this project. Experience has taught me when I'm resisting something that is where to begin a journey. A change is also right around the corner. The below image I found on a website called Lessons 4 Life.

Beyond the Wall of Resistance, by Rick Maurer

Some of the different definitions of resistance apply.  If you relate to electrical concepts resistance means a measure of the degree to which an object opposes an electric current through it.  I can relate to this one because of my current job.  A measured resistance can be good or bad depending on the outcome you are looking for.  Too much can cause things to go Boom!  The right amount can make things work like a charm, even create a safety mechanism for efficient design.  If you are a counselor resistance can imply an act of defense in response to confrontation/situation.  If you are a biologist the word resistance can mean great success.  Think about your immune system.  It has built up certain resistances to viruses.  That my friend is a good thing! 

So what definition of resistance applies to me?  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  What am I resisting?  I feel a little of all the above applies as to which definition fits.  I've resisted all three of my manifesting experiments for years for a variety of reasons.  Some were good reasons while others were not.  The very thing being resisted right now is doing this project.  Walking through the Inner Bonding process revealed a challenge to my belief system is going on.  There is also some fear about criticism, failure, rejection, being vulnerable, and the magnitude of this project.  All of which I can't control the outcome.  Well, except for one - the magnitude of this project.

Now that 'what' the resistance is about has been identified the next question will be about action.  What am I willing to do about it?  What's the action?  The answer is I am willing in this moment to accept resistance as a part of this journey.  It is also a source of learning.  Most importantly it is a beginning point to a wonderful outcome.  And, lastly, resistance is normal.  It has its place in any endeavor, and that is also a good thing.

I'll add resistance as a friend, or better yet, a tool to help me navigate this project.  Too bad I can't Facebook Friend resistance, or Like its Fan Page.  How entertaining would that be?  In the end resistance isn't going to stop this project.  Instead we will be blogging friends!