The Brawny Guy

A few weeks ago the lovely Trena did a reading for me that had me rather intrigued.  Lots of "I wonder...." statements followed me for a week.  Even in the grocery store I was wondering about my soulmate and if the Universe was listening to me.  A sign, please.  Something?  As the journey down each isle led me to my next household purchase.  Nothing.  No sign.  My quest for information was about what this man may look like.  What are some of his traits.  The trip produced nothing, at least not of the instant sort.

Pulling into my home I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get instant response.  Oh well, there is a mound of groceries waiting for me to unload.  As soon as I started to unpack my groceries an overwhelming feeling hit that a message was waiting for me in the many bags.  Curiosity was a wonderful motivator for getting them unpacked.  No message with the fruits, veggies, toothpaste, or tampons.  As the bags reached the point of empty so did my curiosity. Suddenly I realized not all the bags were present.  I had left one in my backseat.  Another trip to the car revealed the sign I was looking for.

There he was... The Brawny guy smiling back at me with the message wrapped around him: Quality, Strength, Durable.  Now that's my man!  The other message I took from it was he is big and has a wonderful smile.

Clue #1: Quality, Strength, Durable.  Big burly guy with a charming smile.

I have to admit the Brawny Guy looks an awful lot like Paul Bunyan!  I wonder......