The Souljob

In the beginning there were magical numbers.  So many magical numbers! And so many magical ways to use them.  Oh the excitement of learning how to make magic with numbers.  Then the magic markers arrived on the scene.  Now I can make colorful magical numbers and drawings.  Oh the excitement continues with creating things.  The art of creation and magical numbers.  Imaginary, number grids, planes, rational, linear algebra, calculus, the fun of it all.... then I became an engineer.

The challenge of earning my degree in mathematics and engineering was a quite an accomplishment.  It felt like I had arrived into a special world.  I had spent days and nights submerged into math.  I was happy!  Then it came time to find a job.  Life as an engineer became plain.  No magic.  Where did my magical numbers go?  Oh, yes, it went into the inferno triangle of quality, cost, schedule.  You are only allowed to pick two.  Play the shell game on the customer so we never truly have to pick two.  We pretend to have all three.  If the customer catches on to the shell game step into the Abbott & Costello skit of "Who's on First?"  Literally, all your bases will be covered.  So my adult life numbers went into calculating quality defects, how much it will cost it if continues, and translating those things into moving a schedule to the right or left of a deadline.  This is exhausting if you don't have magical number or magical markers to play with.  Needless to say I have been sleeping through my Engineering career because the magic is gone.  Where did it go for me?

This year is my final year of the Shawshank Redemption jobs.  My perfect job is what I will refer to as the hunt for a souljob.  There are a few things my souljob and soulmate have in common.  I don't exactly know what either of them truly looks like, their name, where they reside, even how to find them. And, so, this is where Creative Sprite in the City adventures begin.  Look out world, here comes a Creative Sprite with an agenda.... I'm getting out.... soon!