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2011 - A Year of Tied Up Loose Ends

Blog Content

2011 - A Year of Tied Up Loose Ends

Nicole Emery

The theme of 2011 turned into a year of loose ends being tied up nice and neat.  Bringing a lot of things to completion and wondering what's next in 2012.

What kind of loose ends were tied up in 2011?  See the list below:

  • Finished my 50 State project 10 days before my 38th birthday.
  • Finally went to Greece after 22 years of the desire being alive.  It was the time of my life!
  • Let go of an identity around keeping a dream hidden and opened the door to something new.
  • Made fabulous new friends all over the world with my job, art, family, intuition, travels, and blog.  You all rock!
  • Bridged a huge gap with my father.
  • Broke even with the financial books - ZERO DEBT!  All debts are paid off!!
  • Job relocation contract is off my head.
  • Let go of old books that no longer serve me
  • Raised my vibration to a whole new level when it comes to my worth in this life
  • Finally let go of a man in my life that needed to be let go of.  I wish him well on his journey and open the door to my life adventures with the desired Soulmate.
  • Closed out a karmic debt to my boss (long story on this one)
  • Closed the door on crappy jobs!  Guess what?  I'm in charge of my life choices and what I make of it.  Who knew?  (yes, a bit on the obvious side, but better late than never to realize this concept)
  • Closed the door on hiding my true essence.  It wasn't until I got to Europe that I embraced a huge part of my feminine side.  What a ride that was to exploring that! 
  • Ending a three and half year dry spell in Greece (more on this later)
  • Made peace with what a Souljob and Soulmate are to me.  Even though these two items didn't come into being in 2011 I now have a better idea as to why.  They are much bigger than originally thought of.  It took doing my travel adventures to come to terms with that.  There are some BIG things around them coming in 2012.

There are many more things I tied up in 2011, but can't seem to remember it.  If more show up I'll be sure to post the additions to the list.

All those loose ends tied up gave me the feeling of a fresh start in 2012.  2011 taught me how to let go, be patient, be flexible, take huge risks, doing it in spite of my fears, being open to possibility, taking steps toward making the dream come alive, and most of all continued belief in my dreams.  There was some grieving along the way too.  There were friendships that were lost, acceptance about who I am, and what your actions do to old patterns.  Some things are meant to be broken so something new and bigger can grow back.  Something more suited to who you truly are.  All of this was a huge lesson in learning about what I'm made of.  Life shaped me into something new.  2012 will be the year of showing the world my new life wardrobe.  There will be lots of trial and error with this, but there is something so precious about doing it too. 

My gift to me in 2012 is accepting my vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness.  2011 was one heck of a year.  But, 2012 will be a year of wonderful creation and exploring.  There are a few BIG adventures coming in 2012.  Stay tuned to see how it all turns out.  I'm excited!!  I hope you are excited for your fabulous 2012 year too!