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AL, MS, LA Roadtrip

Blog Content

AL, MS, LA Roadtrip

Nicole Emery

Total miles traveled by car: 1,070.
Total time: 4 days

On the way to creating a dream I met a few fellow creative sprites, ate the best food, saw some incredible college campuses, found a book to live by, and learned a few things about creating my dreams.  Not only was this an adventure in the name of fun, but an adventure of the heart too.

First up, my adventure started out the night before I left.  An opportunity to hang out with some co-workers came up.   Of course I jumped on it full well knowing my flight the next day left at 6am and it takes about 2 hours to get to the airport.  However, it did leave me in a bit of a pickle when I got home at 10:30pm and there was a long list of things to get done before I left and bad weather.  No regrets though.  A 90 minute power nap and I was on my way.  Unfortunately there were VERY undesirable road conditions on the way.  The rest of the adventure getting to Birmingham, AL included de-icing of the plane, a medical emergency for one of the passengers (thankfully the passenger is ok), and about 20 minutes to high tail it to a completely different terminal to catch my connecting flight.

Arrival into Birmingham, AL went smoothly.  Stopped at a little dive BBQ place called Ray-Ray's.  Best BBQ ever!  I was on auto-happy pilot.  Nothing was going to stop my groove!  Well, until I crossed the Mississippi/Alabama state lines.  Severe weather storm warnings were going off in the area I was traveling to next - Oxford, MS.  Eventually I made it to my destination that night exhausted and wondering why I even took this trip.  The answer came the next morning and all was right again in my world.

Eating at Big Bad Breakfast was a delight to my taste buds!  People were all too eager to reveal where the best food in town is when you ask.  Glad I did.  The walk around town was a blast into history and culture that I was never aware of.  The rest of the driving trip was great.  LSU is an incredible campus.  The gardens are amazing!  New Orleans inspired me on so many levels.  The food, music, and art had me mesmerized for hours.  I will definitely be going back to visit this area again soon.  Cafe du Monde was everything you would imagine.  Being in Jackson Square seeing street performers, artists at their best, music galore, and a row of tarot readers was well worth the venture out.  Of course I had a quick reading done while I was there.  It's New Orleans!  Over to Auburn University last night and then back to Birmingham, AL for a flight home.  The trip has left me with lots to think about.

In about an hour I'll be packing everything up and heading back to normal life.  For now, here are some of my reflections on the trip:

  • How bad do you want it?  The answer dictates your experience.
  • Even if you do want it bad enough outside forces can attempt to make you question or doubt your choices.  These forces can be people, weather, emotions, etc.  On this trip it was the weather to contend with.  What worked for me is staying focused on my desire and paying attention to what feels right.  Everything else is a distraction.
  • Self sabotage is part of any journey.  Hanging out with co-workers the night before was an act of self sabotage.  Pick your priorities and be aware that self sabotage is always an option in all choices you make.  Choose wisely.  Luckily for me it worked out ok.
  • Don't be afraid to ask.  Asking led me to some incredible places to eat!
  • Be flexible.  Even the best laid plans get modified.  It isn't the end of the world if the plans get altered.  Most of the time it leads to something better, or safety.  This is basically Road Trip Rule #1!!
  • Stop fighting the same battles you have already won.  It is time to step out of my comfort zones on a lot of things.  This includes work, the type of men I've dated, and making dreams come true.
  • When in Rome, take notice and see if what they do is a way to upgrade your life.  Southern woman amaze me.  They look their best no matter where they are headed.  I didn't meet a woman over 50 that wasn't dress to the hilt, and the women under 50 were dressed in case they saw someone they knew.  Impressive.  Time to take note of my personal appearance and make a few changes.
  • Above all else, have faith in your needs and desires being met.  It may not come in the form you had planned, but what you need will be there.
  • The best is yet to come!  This trip was the beginning of an amazing charmed life!!

Only one more state to go!  Alaska, I have my eye on you!