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Alaska I Have My Eye on You

Blog Content

Alaska I Have My Eye on You

Nicole Emery

Ever since coming back from the South my mind has been racing with different options to complete the 50 State project.  Alaska is the last state on the list.  How do I achieve the visit to this state?  How will it be celebrated?  Some options that have surfaced are to take an Alaskan Cruise with a friend this summer, or fly into Anchorage, AK and do some sight seeing for a few days and then fly home.  Both of these options are completely reasonable.  Tempting even.  Something stops me with both of them - my imagination.  It is a struggle to see myself in either scenario.  Perhaps this is a point to realize the difference between a true heart's desire and one that is not.

Practicing the exercises in Chapter Three of Your Heart's Desire by Sonia Choquette put something in motion that surprised me.  Every time I practiced visualizing my 50 State project my imagination went to an image of my Jeep Liberty in the state of Alaska with me.  Crossing the state line together.  Hmm.... this intrigued me.  I wonder....  What if I drove to Alaska?  I kind of like this option.  In fact I REALLY like this option!!

The one thing that all the people I know would tell you about me is this: I love to take road trips!  Not just a 2 hour drive to some destination.  Rather, the crazier the better.  The bigger the eye roll I get from someone the better it is.  I think the above picture illustrates where I'm going with this.  To visit Alaska by way of driving truly is a once in a lifetime trip for me.  It fits my personality.  As soon as I accepted that image as the way to make it happen my imagination flowed.  This is my answer to seeing Alaska.  That is one heck of a way to celebrate my achievement.

Time to start planning this trip!