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Book Review

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Book Review

Nicole Emery

The time has come to review the overall experience with Your Heart's Desire, by Sonia Choquette.  Overall the book lays out a great foundation for manifesting.  The explanations flow in an easy to read format.  Most of the exercises were beneficial to my journey.  Some of them I could do without.  In the end that is really a personal preference for each person that dares to try it out.  Each chapter was full of nuggets of good advice and concrete everyday examples.  Things that you can relate to.

My personal experience with Your Heart's Desire is it gave me a way to organize the process.  It confirmed things I had known before and opened my eyes to new ways of looking at things.  It also gave me a good reference point to start from.  If I had started this process with only one experiment, then I'm not so sure the full experience would have been captured.  Each experiment had different degrees of success along the way.  For example, the lesson of faith was illustrated very strongly with my Greece experiment.  Then there was the experience of knowing the degree of confidence with my words when I talked about the 50 State project versus a Souljob.  The biggest understanding (and surprise) came with the Soulmate - I don't want a Soulmate right now.  Being open and flexible to what life is trying to tell me brought this conclusion about much more quickly than wondering and fighting it.  It became clear that the idea of a Soulmate was someone else's dream for me.  It wasn't my own.  That was an important point made in Chapter Nine and Six.

The Souljob was also a good learning lesson for me using this book.  I learned I have an overactive imagination when it comes to deciding on a career of choice.  I can say not once does my imagination take me back to the job I am doing now.  That says a lot.  The intuitive guidance that came forward after Chapter Five paved the way for me to find out exactly what my Souljob is.  It helped to shape this blog intonew ideas.  The blog may end up being a part of my Souljob.  It has certainly has been a great source for creativity and discovery.  The next level is yet to come.

The final chapter of the book is what you are waiting for.  It is where all the hard work and direction starts to make sense.  It is also the place you learn about perseverance, making corrections to the dream, how to take a break, and that last pep talk from coach.  There were times in the last 10 weeks I wanted to give up on blogging about this.  Not finish the project.  Period.  Life does come with interruptions no matter what you are trying to manifest.  It is the next action that matters most.  For me, it was following through to the end.  The workbook concept certainly helped bring it to completion.

I have to say it is a keeper.  It laid the foundation for me to build upon and go forward.  I would recommend it for someone who is new to manifesting. 

Where do I go from here?  These experiments will not stop.  I'll be posting more about each one.  It is my strongest intention to see all of them to completion this year, and adjusting as necessary.