Don't Forget the Sunscreen!

Getting ready for a two month excursion can be quite stressful.  Between firming up flights, hotels, tours, saying goodbyes, making arrangements to meet up with friends overseas, buying supplies, making sure the bills are paid, wondering what's next, etc. time can slip away.  In three days I'll be on a plane to make this dream come true.  Where did all the time go?

The packing process has been a little strange.  Mainly because when I've traveled in the past it was for much shorter durations.  You always pack in terms of making sure you have enough of whatever for the whole trip in one suitcase.  Well, try applying that thought process to packing for two months.  It doesn't work!  Everything I pack I have to be able to carry myself.  That puts a whole new perspective on what you do or don't need for a trip.  All this time I was thinking wondering how to pack a full bottle of shampoo and conditioner.  The light bulb clicked on the other night - pack in my normal bottles for two week travel and "BUY" the stuff over there as needed.  Yes, Europe does sell these types of things.  Doh! 

We always thing in terms of what our routines and comfort zones are.  Phase II of my manifesting experiments for 2011 has challenged everything I have ever know about myself.  This is taking me out of my comfort zone big time!  For some it might be a cake walk victory.  For me it is pushing my limits on a lot of different things.  All of it will lead to a major growing experience.  Maybe even open a few new doors of opportunity.  It is all exciting!!

On that note I'm going to run through necessary supplies and then try to pack it all.  A few suitcase dress rehearsals are needed right now.  Wish me luck!

Wow.... three more days!!!!